Core Box Containers

Question: What are the advantages of using your Plastic Corrugated Core Box Containers? Answer: Plastic Corrugated has many advantages over waxed fiber paper corrugated, wood and injection molded core box containers. Waxed fiber paper corrugated core box containers are heavy and get slippery when exposed to heat (sun) or moisture. The wax softens and at…

social distancing barrier

Social Distancing Barrier

Question: Can your products be used for social barriers? social distancing barrier Answer: We have sold our corrugated plastic for use in social and room barriers. But it is not completely transparent even in our natural colorless material. If opacity/clarity is not a factor than it can be used effectively and has great advantages over…

Customized plastic partition for boxes

Plastic Corrugated for Medical Usage

Question: What are the advantages of your plastic corrugated products for medical usage?   Answer:   Plastic Packaging Solutions has the medical industry covered with a wide products variety of medical related packaging and containment solutions. Medical manufacturers need clean packaging solutions that are hygienic and sterilizable. With low particulates and that is exactly what…


Corrugated Plastic Container

Question: What are the advantages of your Plastic Corrugated File Storage Container in place of Paper Corrugated boxes?   Answer:   There are many advantages for using Plastic Packaging Solutions, Corrugated Plastic for your File Storage Container.   The first benefit would be the durability of Corrugated Plastic Container over Paper Corrugated. Plastic Corrugated doesn’t…


Polypropylene or Polyethylene Plastic Corrugated?

Question:  Should I use Polypropylene or Polyethylene plastic corrugated for my container?   Answer: Polypropylene or Polyethylene are the two different types of resin used when producing plastic corrugated. The most common throughout the plastic corrugated industry is polypropylene when producing products or sheets in profile (I-Beam) structure material. The I-Beam plastic corrugated material can…


Standard or Custom Containers?

Question:  What is the difference between ordering standard products from you online store instead of a custom container?   Answer: Our standard containers products that are offered in the store will not work for everyone, but they are a great way to try a design without the larger investment required for a custom container. If…