Plastic Corrugated Boxes Tooling

Q) Why do plastic corrugated boxes need tooling when fiber corrugated boxes don’t? A) This is a very good question. You are correct that many standard design styles like a regular RSC (regular slotted container) do not need tooling or cutting dies when manufactured from fiber corrugated. They are most often manufactured on equipment that…


Reusable Plastic Corrugated Box

Q) If I shouldn’t use tape for closing a reusable plastic corrugated box what are my other options? A) Here is a list of a few optional closures to take the place of using tape for your reusable carton. • Self-Locking Flaps • Auto-Lock Flaps • Velcro • Magnets • Buckles • Webbing with Buckles…

plastic corrugated signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Answers From The Expert: Q) Our outdoor signs are being damaged by the wind and weather. What do you recommend to improve their performance? A) A few factors can have dramatic performance benefits for your signage. First, most standard outdoor plastic corrugated signs are made from 4mm, white, polypropylene plastic corrugated. This material is adequate…