Corrugated Plastic for (Point of Purchase) POP Display?

Why should I use plastic corrugated for a (Point Of Purchase) POP Display?

Answers from the expert:

There are several reasons why you should consider all or part of your POP Corrugated Plastic for Point of Purchase POP DisplayDisplay to be manufactured from plastic corrugated.

How long will your POP be on the retail floor?

If your POP will be displayed or in use for more than 45 to 60 days then a plastic corrugated POP Display can be beneficial in keeping your product or message both looking its best and maintaining its structural integrity.

Where will my display be used?

Another factor is the environment that your POP will be used and displayed. Will it be in an exposed damp or wet environment like a nursery area, extreme cold or possibly even outdoors? Some retailers like grocery stores mop their floors regularly and the base of the display may be subject to repeated moisture or direct water that can cause not only damage to its appearance but may also cause structural damage as well. In some of these circumstances you may decide to integrate a plastic corrugated base with a paper corrugated upper or it may make the best sense to use plastic corrugated for the entire display.

What image do I want to present?

There is also the presentation factor of your product or message being on a plastic display vs. a fiber corrugated display. Not only is it beautiful shiny plastic in the color of plastic of your choice but you also have the ability with up to 4 color process silk screened printing to get the impact to your consumer that you desire. Since your display is made from plastic corrugated if it does get dirty it can be cleaned easily with most products without any damage occurring to your display.

What are the design advantages of a plastic corrugated POP Display?

With plastic corrugated sheet being available in thicknesses from 2mm all the way to 25mm it is a designers dream enjoying the opportunity to incorporate a wide variety of colors and thicknesses in the design elements of your display.

You worked hard or paid a premium to get the opportunity to position a counter top or possibly even a floor display on a retailer’s floor. Take full advantage of that opportunity by presenting your product and message on a plastic corrugated display. Stand out and keep your retailer happy with a display that is designed to set up easily and stay looking its best longer by taking advantage of all the benefits that plastic corrugated can offer.


Tom Stafford

Corrugated Plastic Expert Packaging, Display and Reusable Logistics Expert

Corrugated Plastic for Point of Purchase Display