Corrugated Plastic Outdoors

Corrugated Plastic OutdoorsQ) How well does corrugated plastic hold up outdoors?
A) That depends a lot on where you are located and what kind of exposure the material will have to UV light.
So, in cooler environments that don’t have as much sun exposure the material can hold up for 3-5 years for things like signage. If you are hanging that same sign in the Arizona desert it might hold up for 1-2 years.
What happens is the material gets brittle so after time it begins to crack especially if it is handled frequently or subject to high winds or impacts. Also, different colors hold up better to fading than others. Red and orange fade much faster than other colors. Best case would be white for the longest time frame in UV exposure. Inks or printing are less effected by the UV light and will hold up longer than the material itself.
Cold environments have another challenge. Most outdoor signage in corrugated plastic will be PP (polypropylene) plastic. PP is great in most cases but when Mr. Winter pushes the temp gauge well below freezing the PP material gets brittle and if it gets a hard impact while at these temperatures it can crack or even shatter. It can also crack if flexed at these temperatures, like a heavy wind.
So when possible keep the sun off the material as much as possible and when it’s really cold don’t flex or it or use it as a punching bag. If you do this you could keep it looking almost like new for a very long time.