corrugated plastic boxes

Plastic Packaging Solutions is the industry leader in the design and the application of corrugated plastic products. Since we first introduced Corrugated Plastic to our product line in 1980, it has proven itself the superior alternative to cardboard, fiberboard, plywood, molded plastic and metal packaging. It’s lightweight, shock-resistant and reusable, making it the cost-effective solution for shipping and material handling.

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  • Plastic Packaging Solutions corrugated plastic packaging is lightweight and shock-resistant making it the ideal material for shipping containers. Plastic Packaging Solutions can help you fill your truck before you’ve meet your weight requirements. Lightweight dividers and partitions for shipping can be fabricated in virtually any configuration. Totes and bins can be designed to stack or nest when empty and a wide variety of accessories such as handles and ID pockets can be attached.
  • It’s weatherproof – resistant to water and most chemicals – and nonabrasive, making it the materials container of choice for a wide variety of products. Plastic Packaging Solutions custom options such as UV inhibitors, anti-static or conductive properties provide complete protection for light-sensitive or static-sensitive products.
  • Corrugated Plastic has proven itself the superior alternative to cardboard, fiberboard, plywood, molded plastic and metal packaging.
  • Utilizing the most current CAD technology, the Plastic Packaging Solutions design team can turn the most complex idea into a reality. Helping to keep the lead time short from concept to completion for custom orders. Production runs as low as several hundred pieces can prove to be cost-effective. With Plastic Packaging Solutions’s capabilities, the average price of a custom corrugated plastic die (tooling) is around $500 versus a possible cost of as much as $50,000 or more and months of lead time for a plastic injection mold.
  • Corrugated plastic from Plastic Packaging Solutions Inc. can be adapted to fill a wide range of specialty packaging, shipping and promotional needs. The Plastic Packaging Solutions design team will work closely with you to find the solution that’s right for you and your industry.
  • A wide range of standard colors provides color coding capabilities for your inventory control. Custom colors can also be produced to match you company’s standards.

Plastic Packaging Solutions’s experienced graphics department can reproduce your company’s logo or full color promotional information by silk screening your message directly on your product. We can print a simple one color bar code or a complex full color photo up to 48” x 96” directly on your item.

Some of Plastic Packaging Solutions’s customers have multiplied their per trip usability by over 100 times when converting from fiber corrugated packaging to our plastic corrugated products.

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