Corrugated Plastic for a room divider?

  1. Laminated Polyethylene Corrugated Plastic Sheet - 53.5in x 58inQ) I’m looking for a roll of corrugated plastic to be used as a room divider and need it to be approximately 38 ft long and 6-8 ft wide. Can we add two heavy duty grommets on each end and is the material available in cardinal “Stanford” red?
  2. A) Thanks for your inquiry. Sorry, but the rolled corrugated plastic is only available up to a 53” in width.For the project, you are considering I would suggest using 4’ x 8’ corrugated plastic sheets. You could add grommets if needed to link the panels together with something like cable ties. This would allow you to accordion fold the sheets when not in use.

We do sell quantities as low as 50 sheets in our laminated corrugated plastic product line available in a standard red but laminated sheet is only available in 4mm thickness. I would highly suggest using our profile corrugated plastic sheet. The advantage of our profile corrugated plastic sheet is that it can be ordered in a much thicker “heavier” profile giving more structure to your walls. I would suggest something like our 10mm or heavier would be helpful for the added structural integrity.

You would most likely have to paint the sheets because in the smaller quantities that you are needing we only have standard red available not a cardinal “Stanford University” red. We do offer custom matched colors in much larger quantities.

I hope this was of some assistance to you and feel free to contact me for more information or details.


Best Regards,