Corrugated Plastic Signs

plastic corrugated signs

Answers From The Expert:

  1. Q) Our outdoor signs are being damaged by the wind and weather. What do you recommend to improve their performance?
  2. A) A few factors can have dramatic performance benefits for your signage.

First, most standard outdoor plastic corrugated signs are made from 4mm, white, polypropylene plastic corrugated. This material is adequate in many scenarios like open houses, temporary advertising, window signage, etc.

Where this material may not be adequate is in high winds, large signage, below freezing temperatures or used in display as a support panel. In these circumstances, you may want to add a frame, additional fastening points for the sign, polyethylene vs. polypropylene or using a thicker and heavier plastic corrugated material. I have recommended some customers to use up to 10mm board in cases that warranted the need for an extra heavy panel for their signage.

If UV color fading is an issue than I would suggest staying away from red, orange or yellow for your signage material. Silkscreened printing especially with UV inks are much more stable in resisting color fading in the sun than the plastic corrugated material itself. In some applications, additional UV additive can be added during the extrusion process of the sheet.

If needed, we can also add metal grommets to the attachment points to help prevent tearing of the material from the mounting point.

Once again there is the industry standard that is available but when there is an “untypical” application that is when it helps to know the exact application and customizing the signage may be the way to go.