Custom Corrugated Recyclers

Q) Can I customize one of your recyclers?

A) Yes, absolutely.

Any of our recyclers can be customized for your needs.

Custom Corrugated Recyclers

We have standard recyclers available in our online store with various lid combinations at as well as custom variations that may or may not require any tooling at

In addition, we can custom design and manufacture a recycler to your exact specifications.

Corrugated Plastic Recyclers are an ideal product as they are very light weight and durable as well as having the ability to ship and store flat to save on your shipping and storage costs.

Your options are endless as far as configuration, colors and size.

One of the great things about the corrugated plastic recyclers is that it that they are not effected by moisture or chemicals making it your best choice for reusability while still maintaining a very lightweight container. Our recyclers can be used with or without a liner.

We can print you unit with whatever message you want to share with your users. It can be as simple as a one color recycle message to a 4-color process advertisement. You can print your message on just the body or add an additional message on the lid.

It is also possible to design the lid to be permanently attached the body for applications that may not require needing to remove the lid completely.

The options are virtually endless and are dependent on your needs and application for your Recycling Unit.