PPS-Ployspun Interior Protection

Our Polyspun Class A soft surface protection when added to our plastic corrugated will help protect your items from scratching and abrasion. It is ideal for painted or polished surfaces and is widely used in the medical and automotive industries.

PPS can also provide conductive and anti-static inserts for you sensitive electronic parts and components.


PPS-Foam Interior Protection

Offering superior protection our custom pads, dividers and inserts will help protect your products during staging or transit.

With state-of-the-art CAD Software and an advanced 5 Axis Water Jet System we can provide the exact configuration your products need. Packing your products in plastic corrugated and foam will help ensure that your items get where they need to go securely and safely. There is no need to stress about your expensive items during travel, or about the cost of high-quality shipping.

Available in a variety of densities and materials as well as Anti-Stat and Conductive options.

Our quality custom foam packaging will help protect from dings, scratches, or breaks while on the move. We can provide you with any shape or size you need to get the job done.