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Compare The Advantages of Plastic Packaging Solutions Corrugated Plastic
And See How We Get An A+ Against Our Competition.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated Paper

Molded Plastic

Project Development

A+ Fast & Inexpensive A+ Fast & Inexpensive D Very Expensive


A+ Fast & Inexpensive A+ Fast & Inexpensive D Very Expensive

Durability & Strength

A+ Lightweight. Tear & puncture resistant. C Tears easily. Punctures easily. B Heavy. Can crack with impact.


A+ Leaves no dust or residue in environment. D Leaves dust in environment or equipment. A+ Same as corrugated plastic.


A+ Cost efficient. Reusable with long life span. Significant long-term savings. D Short life span. Must be replaced often. Per cycle cost expensive. A+ Same as corrugated plastic.

Production Lead Time

A Production is fast.Average 3-5 weeks A+ Production is very fast. Average 5-14 days D Lead times on new products can exceed 6 months or longer.


A+ Reusable and recyclable waste is very minimal. C Reoccurring waste and disposal cost. Recyclable, unless waxed. B+ Heavy and hard to regrind. Recyclable.


A+ Simple and fast. A+ Simple and fast. D Difficult and very slow.


A+ Waterproof. Unaffected by most chemicals. D Breaks down or destroyed. A+ Same as corrugated plastic.


A+ Variety of stock colors. Custom colors available. D Brown, mottled or white. B+ Limited colors in stock.

Packaging Material Comparisons