Tape and Plastic Corrugated Boxes

Q) Should I use tape on a plastic corrugated box?
A) Good question. “NO”!!!
I would have to say a BIG NO 95% of the time.

Plastic Corrugated Boxes

The only exceptions would be if the plastic box or carton is being used for a one-time shipment or it is being shipped by common carrier like FedEx, UPS or freight shipper and it must be secured with tape with the intent to get it back for re-use.

Let me try to explain in a little further detail.
Most customers use plastic corrugated products because they are durable and can be used time and time again. They are considered “reusable” packaging.
It is not very common that a customer pays the added expense for plastic corrugated in place of fiber corrugated to use the container for a onetime use. We have sold products that have been used as a onetime use package because of international shipping requirements or for the added protection for an expensive, sensitive or fragile product. It has also been used for one time usage for promotional items because of the attractive appearance plastic packaging has over paper or fiber type packaging.
So, since plastic corrugated is most commonly used for its reusable properties using tape to close the box or carton can be asking for trouble.

Here is the reason why:
If you tape a box or carton closed almost every time the person opening the box at its final destination will use some kind of sharp cutting tool like a razor box opener to “cut” the tape to get your carton opened. “YIKES”, what happens when someone cuts the tape? They will most assuredly cut the box at the same time. You invested in the plastic corrugated box because it can be used repeatedly. The last thing you want it for someone to start cutting it up with a sharp blade!
There are many options that can be used in place of taping or if tape must be used there are options we can add to help prevent the use of a cutting tool to open the taped carton or box.