Plastic Corrugated Containers

  1. Plastic Corrugated ContainersQ) When is it the right time to use plastic corrugated as a container?
  2. A) Although this is a very general question let’s see if we can at least give you a few helpful guidelines.

First, ask yourself if the container or tote is or can be reused multiple times without being discarded or removed from your system. This usually requires some kind of containment system to be in place or the container will be used for internal usage or storage in your facility. If the product is shipping to an end user or customer and you have no way of re-obtaining the package, corrugated plastic is probably not your answer.

That said there are exceptions. We do have customers that are willing to use our product because of the appearance or because of the extra protection it offers. In these cases, it will not be reused by the company but possibly by the consumer. With the proper message and graphics, a plastic corrugated container will most likely be reused time and time again by your consumer and that means your message and advertising on the outside of the package will be seen time and time again. Not just by the end user but other possible consumers may be exposed to that message.

So in most cases the time to use corrugated plastic is when you have the opportunity to use the package time and time again or you want a package that can hold up under harsh conditions for an extended time.

In one case a major retailer was using their paper corrugated boxes 2-3 times between distribution centers and their stores before they had to be discarded. When they transitioned in to our corrugated plastic boxes we saw boxes exceeding 100 trips. So even though the new plastic boxes cost 5 times the cost of their paper boxes they had a break even cost per trip at only 10 trips. The next 90 plus trips were FREE in comparison.


Corrugated paper box

  • Cost of corrugated paper box: $ 1.00.
  • Cost per trip for corrugated paper box at 2-3 trips: $ .40 per trip.

Corrugated plastic box

  • Cost of corrugated plastic box: $ 5.00.
  • Cost per trip for corrugated plastic box at 100+ trips: $ .05 per trip.

Total Savings

  • $ 39.00+ in savings for every corrugated plastic box purchased.