PPS-Pak Corrugated Plastic Bulk Container

PPS-Pak Corrugated Plastic Bulk Container VS Other Bulk Containers

  1. Q) What are the uses and advantages of your PPS-Pak over other bulk containers?
  2. A) We have our PPS-Pak bulk containers in use in a variety of Industries and applications. From museum storage and artifact transportation in museums across the country including every Smithsonian Museum to PPS-Pak’s in use for transferring asphalt shingles for recycling facilities and hundreds of applications in between.

There are several advantages of the PPS-Pak self-contained bulk container system.

Here is a list of some of some of the benefits the PPS-Pak bulk container offers.

  • PPS-Paks have a stacking load capacity of over 3000 pounds and can exceed 20,000 pounds with custom added support features.
  • PPS-Paks can be ordered with one, two or no drop doors as well as customized with a variety of features.
  • Standard PPS-Paks are designed to take full usage of interior capacity while still retaining the ability to fold inside the pallet and cap for condensed and easy return.
  • Standard slide locking pallet and lid eliminates the need for banding and stabilizes the container during the loading and unloading process.
  • The PPS-Pak innovative four-way entry system accommodates industry standard equipment, allowing you to load more containers into your trailers and increase your shipping capacity.
  • PPS-Pak can be custom printed on all four sides allowing for excellent product identification.
  • Custom dividers and partitions can be added to provide additional product protection and can be configured to fit your specific needs.
  • PPS-Pak’s durability and ease of handling can make your cost per trip less than $1 per container. Your investment will be recovered in a short time with long term savings to look forward to in the future.

In an industry of bulk containers, the PPS-Pak is one of the lightest weight and cost effective moving and storage solutions offered. We have standard sizes available and we can customize these units for almost any type of application.

Watch the unit being used by Wal-Mart in action by clicking here: https://plasticpkgsolutions.com/wal-mart-product-line/breakpack-bulk-containers/

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