Reusable Plastic Corrugated Box

Q) If I shouldn’t use tape for closing a reusable plastic corrugated box what are my other options?

A) Here is a list of a few optional closures to take the place of using tape for your reusable carton.

• Self-Locking Flaps
• Auto-Lock Flaps
• Velcro
• Magnets
• Buckles
• Webbing with Buckles or Other Closures
• Seat Belt Type System
• Hard Fasteners (Screws, Bolts, etc.)
• Locking Tabs (Tongue Lock, Wing Lock, etc.)
• Change the box design style to a self-closing box. (Example: RETT or RELF “pizza box style”)

Here is the reason why:
If you tape a box or carton closed almost every time the person opening the box at its destination will use some kind of sharp cutting tool like a razor box opener to “cut” the tape to get your carton opened. There is a good chance that that same tool used to cut the tape will end up cutting in to your box as well.
The use of optional closures that do not require a sharp tool to open your box or carton will help assure that it will have a long and useful life in your reusable system.
In cases where tape must be used for security reasons than a release label can be applied to the box. The release label has a permanent adhesive on one side that is applied to the plastic corrugated box or carton and has a proprietary plastic coating on the opposite surface that does not allow for labels or tape to adhere well to its surface. If one or both of the ends of the tape overlap this label it will not adhere well to the release coating on the label. This allows the person unpacking the container to more easily grab the end of the tape on the release label and pull the tape from the container instead of using a sharp tool to cut the tape.