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Are your online store products available and ready to ship?


We do have a few plastic corrugated items that are stocked and ready to ship. The majority are available with minimal lead times. With so many products that we offer and with many options like material color choices it is almost impossible to have every scenario in stock.

500 Plastic corrugated store product choices

We have the largest online store for plastic corrugated on the internet with over 500 product choices. If we attempted to stock all of these products, we would have to manufacture every product in as many as 8 different colors. Doing the math that would be over 8000 possible plastic corrugated products to manufacture and stock. Inventorying this many products just wouldn’t be practical. Instead we have designed an area of our production facility to handle these standard products in a timely manner and produce smaller quantities than other manufacturers normally would require.

In addition to all of these possible size, style and color options some of our customers require their products to be label with their company information on them. So we offer custom printing options on most of the standard products as well.

Another benefit to ordering from our Online Store is that will not require you to purchase any tooling to produce the item. Other plastic corrugated manufactures require you to purchase tooling to produce any order.Our standard products have existing tooling in house that we will use to manufacture your order. This saves you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Plastic corrugated store “Quick Ship” option

We also have a selection of plastic corrugated products in our “Quick Ship” program. Allowing for orders as small as 20 containers to be deliver in just 5-7 days. Our other Standard Products ship in most cases in just 2-3 weeks. This allows us to run the plastic corrugated material in the color of your choice. After the material has been process it will be send to our fabrication department. And that turns the raw plastic corrugated sheet in to the finished product that you have ordered.

I hope this had shed some light in to the PPS Online Store. And the products we are able to offer you.

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