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  • Sales & Support Teams with extensive knowledge of Plastic Packaging & Products
  • Consulting & Resolution based approach to all projects
  • Family owned and operated for Four Generations

Design Capabilities

  • A Design Team with a combined 150+ Years in Plastic Corrugated Design
  • Specializing in all types of packaging, storage, transport & displays
  • Experienced in Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Government, Entertainment, Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Transport & Agricultural
  • State of The Art CAD design and 3D renderings with CNC Sampling capabilities


  • Four Manufacturing Facilities
  • Representing over 25 extrusion lines of Plastic Corrugated
  • Converting over 50 rail cars of plastic resins to plastic corrugated sheet monthly
  • Largest Line of Plastic Corrugated Polyethylene and Polypropylene Plastic Sheet Profiles Available (Profile/Laminated/Single Face/Bubble X/Titan)

Relationships Over Sales

  • We strive to fulfill our customers needs not just complete a sale
  • If our product isn’t best suited for your project we will try and assist you to find a better resolution
  • Problem solving is our passion and we don’t hesitate to tackle projects others have turned away
  • Our goal is to exceed expectations and form a long term relationship with our customer
In various industries nowadays, corrugated plastics are perhaps the most flexible and valuable materials. It is because of the numerous forms in which companies employ them for manufacturing and commercial application. They also have significant characteristics, such as superior performance, reduced weight, and better price, over other products. Corrugated Plastics Corrugated plastic sheets, manufactured from polypropylene resin, are compressed twin-wall materials. They are compact but durable and, depending on the producer, can differ in size and color. The layers often appear to be impermeable, helping to prevent and make cleaning stains convenient. Corrugated Plastics Applications In various industries, corrugated plastic sheets have numerous functionalities that render them useful in each of them. We listed a few of the most prevalent uses presently for them: Storage and Packing Corrugated plastic boxes, particularly in workplaces and the retail industry, are standard processing and preservation materials. They possess an outstanding balance of lightweight and power, as stated earlier, that makes for efficient storage. They are also reusable, comparably economical, and easy to optimize by ripping with a blade. Roofing and Walls Corrugated plastics are 200 times more rigid than glass but five-folds lighter than plywood, making them suitable for makeshift shelters and simple structures. They are convenient to move and mount as well. They also have tints that do not disappear, unlike other materials such as plywood that need painting to stay appealing. As roofing for greenhouses and sunrooms, transparent plastic sheets are also suitable. They can even tolerate high temperatures and other aspects of the surroundings. Signages Corrugated sheets of plastic are superior materials for notice boards and signage nowadays. They are available in various colors and, albeit through UV printing, are printable. They are also free to handle and stick to several surfaces, ideal for signage advertising. Corrugated plastics are so versatile that they often have lesser-known but functional personal applications, such as handicrafts and hobbies. Their various industrial and commercial uses, though, are what placed them apart from most comparable products. With this kind of durability, the corrugated plastic sheet is the number one commodity for several industries and will remain to be so in the coming years.


About Us

Acting as consultants to our clients, Plastic Packaging Solutions’s corrugated plastic design and engineering team draws on Over 150 Years of combined experience to create and when available suggest alternative concepts to traditional corrugated plastic designs to better solve your needs and fulfill your requirements.

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40 Years of Experience

Corporate Headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, Plastic Packaging Solutions Inc. has become an industry leader specializing in the design and manufacturing of plastic packaging, materials handling and point-of-purchase displays. Proven experience in collaborating in variety of industries such as retail, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics, medical and distribution.

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